Analytics for SEO: The Ultimate Guide to Insights and Efficiency

Marco Giordano
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This ebook is meant to teach SEO professionals the most useful concepts to analyze websites.

This translates to better insights and ROI.

Analysis isn't simply coding or quoting nice facts but the science of generating actionable insights.

The SEO industry is not used to dissecting problems with analytical precision, let's face it.

How many times have you encountered a data problem that you wish you could resolve but couldn't?

Is it possible to get better insights from Google Search Console? How can I give the correct interpretation of data?

These are some of the questions we will answer in this ebook and one of the main reasons I wrote it.

Better Insights, Better Workflows, Less Budget Spent

Large organizations and wise SEO freelancers can save a lot of money with the proper tools.

At some levels, your budget matters and can affect the outcome of a project.

Analytics alone won't give you the answer but it's a powerful ally to reduce complexity.

What if I told you it's possible to get rare insights with the right processes?

Better Strategy in Less Time

Execution is crucial but you don't want to spend your day joining tables in Excel.

Automation is another key piece of what you will learn. The advantage of coding is that you can recycle it and save hours of your precious time.

Communication skills are still crucial for the success of an SEO project, and this is where you should invest more time later on.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

How many agencies or SEOs send data dumps or the usual boring data extracted from tools?

Not only this is a terrible practice, but it's not unique.

If you want a solid USP, people have to believe you are special.

This is way easier if you know how to wrangle data and handle data storytelling.

From start to finish, I will explain to you how to get the most out of SEO data.

Ok... And Who Are You?

I started doing SEO in December 2017 by pure chance. I started the old way, like many of you, with content websites.

As years passed, I started maturing and gaining an addiction to growing websites.

My sudden passion for Data Science led me to study and practice Analytics.

Inspired by the work of the first Python SEOs, I decided to build my own solutions.

Long story short, I've modified my approach to combine the usual SEO stuff with Analytics.

Now I collaborate with medium/big publishers and portfolio owners to improve their processes (and rankings).

You won't believe me when I tell you that you need less than you think...

What You Get, In Plain English

This eBook won't teach you Python or coding, as there are too many tutorials online.

But you get the keys to what matters for a business and how to leverage your SEO knowledge to get better results.

Analytics takes time to learn but I will give my best to teach you.

  • Understanding Of What Is Analytics
  • Actionable Examples and Scenarios To Train Your Acumen
  • Python Code To Replicate Everything
  • Which Tools To Use And Why
  • How To Craft Persuasive Stories For Your Stakeholders
  • The Essential Statistics/Maths Concepts, Explained Like You Were 5
  • Some Of The Best Google Search Console Insights Out There
  • How To Evaluate Internal Linking On A Website

That's not all. I plan on updating this eBook every month to include the latest discoveries and tests I make.

For enquiries or to report problems/typos, contact me on Twitter.

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Analytics for SEO: The Ultimate Guide to Insights and Efficiency

16 ratings
I want this!